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Running out of tea when you have guests over?
Classical Samovar
- Automatic temperature control keeps warm
- The most elegant and convenient way to serve tea
- Large 4.5L is perfect for brewing tea during a social setting


The Classical Samovar is the most elegant way to brew tea for any social setting. Designed traditionally with a stainless steel body that holds 4.5L of water, ceramic handles for safety and German engineered to help brew the perfect tea. This essential kitchen appliance has the element built into the base for continuous enjoyment of rich and exquisite tea. Drive your senses wild with the fresh aroma of tea. This product is compliant to use in the US & Canada.
Compliance: United States & Canada Power: 1300W
Voltage: 110V ~ 60Hz Capacity: 4.5L
$179.99 CAD
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Samovar Canada, DamAvar, Electric Pressure Cooker, Kettle, Tea maker, Toronto, Samovar World
Samovar Canada, DamAvar, Electric Pressure Cooker, Kettle, Tea maker, Toronto, Samovar World