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Haft Seen905-737-7934
King Of Dates780-469-8844
Marche St. Laurant514-369-3474
Marche Zam Zam514-488-8383
Mini Super Pars780-481-2974
Nagilla Center Inc.310-271-8098
Pars Bakery416-223-0020
Pars Persian Store773-769-6635
Parsian Fine Foods905-709-1400
Super Shaian905-780-5947
Super Talaei905-884-9056
Super Tehran905-482-1770
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Our mission is to deliver high quality tea brewing products.
Our quality products are guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 1 year. We will cover all repairs in the 1st year at no charge.
Our products are available in retail stores mostly within Canada, but we also deliver to United States. We deliver within 5-12 business days in North America.
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